Trinity Ragnarok Philippines

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Server Opening: April 15, 2017
Episode: Mixed Episode
Server: Philippines
Server Protected: Client and Serverside encryption to avoid illegal programs such as botting,wpe,rpe etc.
Rates: 10x Base/ 10x Job/ 5x Normal Drops/ 3x Card Drops / 1x MiniMVP
XP MOD EVENT: x2 XP MOD every Friday-Sunday GMT+8
Max Level: 99 Base Level and 70 Job level
Job: Transcendant Jobs(Pre-renewal
Job Changer NPC: Enabled
Max Guildsmen: 26 Guild Member Including Guild Master
Party Share Range: 15% Per Party Member
Party Member Limit: 10
MVP Cards: Disabled
Mini-MVP Cards: All Enabled
Max ASPD: 190
War of the Emperium: Enabled
Battleground/BattleGear: Disabled
Woe Time: TBA
Max Stats: 99
Dual Client: Disabled(Will be enabled soon)
Main Town: Prontera
Custom Items: Headgears Only
NPC: Job Changer, Warper Npc, Healer Npc, Resetter Npc, etc.
Hourly Reward System Will be Receiving 1,000 Zeny hourly, Will be receiving 10,000 zeny + 2 Poring Coins when Online for 3 straight Hours
Hourly Automated Event: Last Man Standing Event, Dice Event, Zombie Event, Disguise
Freebies: 10x Field Manual, 2x Bubble Gum, 1x +7 Muffler(Account Bound), 1x +7 Mantle(Account Bound), 1x +7 Shoes(Account Bound),20x Novice Magnifier, 20x Novice Butterfly Wing, 50x Novice Fly Wing, 500x Novice Potion, 1x Egg Shell, 1x Novice Guard, 1x Novice Tattered Ninja Suit, 1x Novice Main Guache, 30x Free kaftra Storage Ticket, and many more!